Continuity / Failover

Continuity / Failover

Business critical applications need to be up and running. Any downtime can cause your company to stop functioning efficiently and cut into profits.

COMMQWEST’s Broadband on Demand service is a cost effective solution that that provides our  clients with a high speed, high security networking capability that’s flexible, reliable, and easy to use.

Our cutting edge technology combines the bandwidth of multiple internet connections to give you the fastest possible speeds and rock-solid dependability via intelligent load balancing and traffic prioritization.

COMMQWEST takes advantage of cellular router technology to deliver these 5 main capabilities:

Bandwidth Aggregation
    • Aggregates multiple internet connections to provide required bandwidth
    • Connections can be added and removed as needed
    • Intelligent Load Balancing distributes traffic across internet links using a series of algorithms and customizable rules that establish priorities for voice and data traffic

Automatic Failover
    • Cellular router technology utilizes 4G/LTE/5G connectivity to provide high bandwidth, automatic failover reliability to you network. Your network will remain up and running by continually checking the health of all connected links and routing traffic around inactive or intermittent connections
Inexpensive Replacement for Leased Lines
    • COMMQWEST Broadband on Demand is so reliable, it can also be used as an alternative to expensive leased lines or for where wired connections aren’t available or practical
Temporary Connectivity
    • Many businesses have the need to operate away from a traditional office space, very often in temporary locations like construction trailers or at special events, connectivity options might not exist or else be extremely limited. However, COMMQWEST Broadband on Demand allows our clients to gain network access quickly, cost effectively, and without the long term commitment
Network Monitoring
  • We view real-time bandwidth usage and spot anomalies for each live device
  • We drill down to see all active clients and their current bandwidth usage
  • We spot potential bandwidth capacity issues before they become a problem
  • We check the current firmware version of all your devices and schedule automated firmware updates when appropriate

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